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The BigBoy Beanbag Airstream


Hello, I recently ordered two BigBoy Beanbags after visiting your stand at CarFest and having wanted a transfer put on one of them, was advised that the delivery time would be 7-10 days.
While this was understandable, I was a little disappointed, as I was very excited about getting the beanbags in place (sad, I know!). But you came up trumps, and the bigboys were delivered yesterday.
They look fab in place on my decking (photo attached) and I am very much looking forward to making use of them over what is left of the summer.
Brilliant service, and excellent quality – thanks very much!
Cheers, Karen.


Our webmaster’s grandson, Kalin, on a BigBoy.

And both still looking good six years later!


Emily & Jack’s Christening




At the London International Technology Show 2011


Kirsty Allsop tries a HomeBoy Beanbag at Chelsea 2013


Monica Galletti chills at Grand Designs Live